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10 December 2012

This was posted about a month after the launch of Ingress, an Augmented Reality game by Google. In the beginning you could only be invited by someone working on the game, so we had to post ingress stories, artwork, articles, whatever we could to get attention from them and receive an invitation to play. Today is much easier to get invited, you can just go to ingress.com and request an invitation. It's really fun!

Ok, I have to tell you about this. I was looking for information about "Ingress" which is some kind of game a few people are playing but nobody seems to know how to get access to. I was browsing around and found out about something called "Niantic Project". Apparently there's something big going on and only a handful of people and aware of it, the ones playing Ingress.

I found a few cool pictures while googling around and I wanted to save some for later, but I accidentally saved this one as a .html file and that's when things got weird.

Try and do it yourself. Save this image to your local disk, and rename it to from .jpg to .html. When you open it in your browser, it will look almost the same, but you'll notice that your browser's background is now black, and the image has a weird green border around it, something it didn't have before. If you move your mouse over the image, you're going to find a mysterious text that leads to a strange website. I don't know who exactly created that webpage, but there's a ton of info on there.

Why whould somedy hide something inside an image?
What are they hiding from us?
What is "Niantic Project"?


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