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17 November 2012

Programmer Swizec Teller and author of the (now) famous blog post "Why programmers work at night" has started a project on Leanpub to publish a book about programmers.

[...] In December 2011 I wrote down a bunch of assumptions about Why programmers work at night (link) in a blogpost. I wrote it because I got tired of being called a lazy slob for waking up at 11am every day. After 4000 tweets, 10000 likes and many emails I didn't feel alone anymore. The most surprising feedback were emails along the lines of "Oh man! I finally understand my husband, thanks so much for writing this!". And it is because of those that I have finally decided to write a short ebook. In the book I'm going to:
  • Show fellow night-time programmers (and others!) that they are not alone
  • Give practical tips on living with your friendly neighborhood programmer
  • Support my original hypotheses by interviewing cool programmers
  • Explore the modern trend of super early wakeruppers who approach the night time from the other end

So if you're a programmer that feels missunderstood on your late nights of happy coding, maybe this book will be an ideal gift for your roomies, girlfriend, boyfriend, parents or even for your boss.

Link: Why programmers work at night: the book
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18 December 2011

I just read an excelent article by Swizec Teller about the reasons some programmers do their best work late at night.

I couldn't agree more with the author. The past year I stayed late at the office a lot of times doing a lot of good work. This year not so much because my girlfriend moved in with me, so I've gotten some rest from that but I kind of miss it too. When we were working on Aura, we would work until very late and wake up for lunch almost every day.

Link: Why programmers work at night

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